Welcome to Ritz Thali, where cookery expertise meets the touch of a passionate woman entrepreneur. Meet Richa Kapoor, the visionary behind this culinary haven. Her love for fine dining and dedication to creating exceptional experiences have shaped every aspect of our kitchen since 2019. Richa takes pride in offering a personalized menu curated with precision and love. Her commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and perfecting each recipe results in dishes that are nothing short of extraordinary. Ritz thali isn't just about the delicious food; it's a celebration of a woman's entrepreneurial spirit. Richa is the driving force behind every cooking masterpiece, and her dedication to perfection is reflected in every dish. Richa believes in treating every guest like a cherished friend at home, ensuring your visit is as delightful as the food. The love and appreciation from our customers say it all. Their reviews and testimonials are a testament to Richa's culinary prowess and the heartfelt hospitality they experience.